VD850 Compact Vacuum Meter ● Piezo/Pirani ● Abs. 1200 – 5e-5 mbar / Rel. -1060 … +340 mbar

 747.00 797.00 excl. VAT and transport costs

The digital VD850 vacuum meter with Piezo/Pirani combination sensor, data logger and USB interface reads pressure over 7 decades in the rough and fine vacuum range.

Overview VD800 series:

  • Big graphic display
  • Intuitive menu-driven handling
  • Direct graphical visualization of pressure curves
  • Integrated data logger for saving multiple measurement series with RTC data
  • Storage of minimum and maximum pressures achieved during measurement
  • Automatic switch-off or continuous operation
  • Optical and acoustical alarm when reaching a predefined threshold
  • Charging per standard USB-C cable
  • Quick and easy data-transfer to PC, tablet, or smartphone via USB-C or wireless via Bluetooth® LE (optional)
  • Pressure units: mbar, Torr, hPa
  • Selectable menu language
  • Adjustable logging rate of 20 ms to 60 s for fast processes
  • VacuGraphTM-Software: To read-out data logger, and to visualize, analyze, and save measurements

Overview VD850 vacuum meter with Piezo/Pirani:

  • Wide measuring range of combined piezo/Pirani sensor
  • Measurement of absolute and relative pressure
  • Pirani sensor with durable, elastic helix filament
  • Integrated metal screen for protection against contamination such as oil and solvent vapors
  • High resolution and precision in whole measuring range, ideal e. g. for the maintenance of vacuum pumps and systems
  • Stable measuring values due to optimized temperature compensation
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Leak-rate calculation via rate of rise measurement
  • Adjustable gas type correction factor
  • Long battery performance of min. 48 hours
  • Calibrated exchange sensor heads for quick and easy replacement by trained personnel

If you have any questions about the VD850 vacuum meter with Piezo/Pirani sensor or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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