Benefits VD85 at a glance

  • Wide measuring range due to combined piezo/Pirani sensor
  • High precision and optimal resolution over the whole range
  • Pirani sensor with durable, elastic helix filament

Lightweight construction in motor racing

In recent years, light weight carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CRP) have proven to be particularly suitable for lightweight constructions. Various processes are available for the manufacturing of CRP components. The Lion Racing Team primarily uses prepreg, single line injection (SLI) and vacuum infusion.


A new vehicle prototype is developed for the annual participation in global Formula Student Events, with an important aspect being the reduction of the overall vehicle mass. Components such as the monocoque, the steering-wheel, the seat and parts that provide additional aerodynamics and thus more traction are manufactured using the processes mentioned above.

The tight schedule and limited budget of student racing teams only allow for one try for most components. A fine vacuum is therefore created around the component during the production process for all three methods.


For the precise measurement of the required vacuum, the VD85 digital vacuum gauge with its piezo / Pirani sensors is used. It allows the vacuum to be monitored in parallel during production and to detect leaks. Once a stable target vacuum is reached, the process of curing is initiated.

Source: Lions Racing Team e.V.


The well-known racing champions and specialists for light weight construction use our vacuum gauges for diverse processes and applications.

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