Benefits VSP at a glance

  • Small dimensions
  • Elastic helix filament
  • Rugged metal housing

Spectrometry in the beverage industry

Carbon dioxide gas is used for the industrial production of carbonated beverages. This extends shelf life and gives the drink a refreshing, sparkling taste.


As the gas comes into contact with many other chemical substances during the production process, residual contamination can remain in the final CO2 product. To ensure the product quality of carbonated beverages, it makes sense to check the CO2 gas during production using a spectrometer alignment. To achieve detection limits of gases such as carbon monoxide, methane or hydrogen sulphide of less than 0.01 ppm, the spectrometers must be particularly accurate and reliable in order to guarantee consistently good quality.


Periodic offset adjustment under fine vacuum conditions guarantees that even slightest hints of contamination can be detected. The precise VSP63MV Pirani vacuum transducer controls whether the required vacuum level for zero adjustment is achieved. With its elastic helix filament and the rugged metal housing the transducer is especially durable.

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