Research and development

Through the commitment to in-house R&D we have been making continuous improvements to our vacuum instruments. Breaking new ground, combining ‘state of the art’ innovation with practical technology, ensures that our customers benefit in usability and cost effectiveness.

A convenient, open working atmosphere inspires our engineers and ensures that creativity and new ideas flow into the whole range of our products.

Our technical staff is supported by latest software and hardware tools for simulation, calibration and testing.

As specialists in vacuum metrology today, we are involved today in your technological needs of tomorrow.

Some examples

  • Thyracont smart vacuum transmitters with modern micro processor technology offer considerable advantages in handling and functionality.
  • measurement principle which leads to a lower average operation temperature of thePiraniwith reduced power consumption and therefore less influence on the vacuum process. It is based on the cognition that the rate of rise or decrease in temperature when the filament is switched on or off contains all information about the ambient pressure. The measurement then can be attributed to a change in time or frequency WikipediaPaper “Fortschritt in der Vakuum-Messtechnik“Dynamical behaviour of the Piranisensor”