Small size. Great performance.

Measuring Range 2000 to 5e-5 mbar | 1500 to 5e-5 Torr

With their miniaturized, industrial design, the Mini-Transducers are ideal for applications with limited space. Reduced to the essentials, the models offer an optimal price-performance ratio.
Features at a glance
  • Ultra-compact dimensions
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Fast response time of 5 ms
  • Parameters for predictive maintenance
  • RS485 or UART interface


The miniaturized transducers are typically suited best for use in pumping devices, e.g., turbomolecular pumps, in analytical applications, and spectrometers.


The measured pressure can be read out digitally via the serial RS485 or UART interface of the transducers.

Precise results

A fast response time of 5 ms and the excellent resolution of the transducers enable stable, short-cycled, and thus efficient production processes. The optimized individual temperature compensation provides for excellent accuracy and steady measuring values. Additionally, the devices allow precise digital readjustment to atmospheric or zero pressure, programming of the gas type correction factor, and retrieval of various parameters for preventive maintenance.

Wide measuring range

With their piezo/Pirani combination sensor, the PTL and PTR models measure in a wide range in rough and fine vacuum with high resolution and accuracy. Both measure absolute pressure in a range from 2000 to 5e-5 mbar, model PTR also relative pressure in a range from max. -1060 to +1200 mbar.
Two additional versions with Pirani sensors will soon be added to the portfolio. The mini transducer PCP will measure absolute pressure in a range from 1000 to 5e-4 mbar, model PTP in a range from 1000 to 1e-4 mbar.

OEM-products for serial applications

The Mini-Transducers are available for OEM customers with a minimum order of 500 units.




Data Sheet
PTL Mini Transducer Piezo/Pirani
PTR Mini Transducer Piezo/Pirani

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