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The VacuGraph software for Windows is the optimum tool to analyze, visualyze and save your measurement data. Further practical accessories for our different product families ensures the optimum use of our vacuum gauges.

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  • Accessory sets with price advantage
  • Measuring cables in different length
  • Software and apps for comfortable measuring value control

VD8 Accessories

Smartline Accessories

Analogline Accessories

Practical accessory sets

Practical accessory sets are available for both our VD8 compact vacuum meters (VD8ZUB) and for our digital Smartline transducers (SLZUB). Among other things, they include a power supply unit for the respective vacuum gauge and an USB interface cable in order to connect the device to a PC or laptop.
The set is delivered in a handy case which protects the gauges optimally from external influences.

Smartline™ IP54 accessories

A mating plug with cable that improves the protection class of our smartline transducers with  15-pole Sub-D connection easily and quickly is to IP54 is available for applications where gauges are exposed to splash water and dust.

Smartline Bluetooth adapter and Thyracont apps

A Bluetooth adapter class 1 is available for the digital Smartline transducers. Hence, the connection of the Bluebridge extends up to 100m and allows 16 vacuum gauges to communicate wireless. The use of the VacuGraph software and therefore the configuration, monitoring and remote control of the devices on a PC, laptop or tablet is possible without cable connection with the SLKBT.
With the free vacuum sniffer app VacuSniff™ for Android the measurement readings can be displayed numerically. An integrated alarm function informs the user as soon as pressure undercuts or exceeds a defined value. Therefore, the user always has an eye on measurements even during the assembly or maintenance of his plant.

VacuGraph™ vacuum software

The VacuGraph software for Windows, Linux and MacOS is the optimum tool to analyze, visualyze and save your measurement data. For a comfortable gauge configuaration there is even a free lite version of the software available.

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  • Download of the VacuGraph Software (Lite-Version free of charge)
  • Download of the VacuSniff Software (free of charge at Playstore)