Benefits VSM at a glance

  • Wide range combi sensor Pirani / cold cathode
  • Automatic control of the cold cathode by the Pirani, switch-on of cold cathode at low pressure increases lifetime, insensitive against inrush of air
  • Excellent ignition behavior
  • Low stray magnetic field
  • Overpressure stability up to 16 bar

Simultaneous thermo analysis

The method of Simultaneous Thermo Analysis (STA) combines a Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC). With this method temperature-dependent weight changes and caloric effects can be determined in one measurement. E. g. measurements of titanium hydride show how much hydrogen depending on the change of temperature is released. Additionally, desorption peaks can be recorded.


In order to get the ideal measuring conditions for the application, the instruments need to be vacuum-tight. They generate pressures down to 1e-5 mbar. For constant measuring conditions, it is necessary to continuously monitor and control the vacuum during the measurement.


Depending on the pressure range of the appliance, the vacuum transducers VSM77D or VSP63DL are used for controlling the vacuum in the sample chamber. The instruments enable optimal measuring conditions during the whole process.


The Linseis Messgeraete GmbH is specialist for high technology measurement instruments for thermic analysis, thermo electric and heat conduction and trusts on Thyracont vacuum transducers for many years.

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