Vacuum Components

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We offer a wide range of vacuum components to enable the immediate use of our products for our customers. Special centering rings with integrated wire filter or baffles as well as spiral tubes protect your sensor against contamination.

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  • Sealing elements
  • Pipe components and Spiral tubes
  • Filters and protective covers
  • Connection elements
  • Adapters and reduction pieces

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Connection and sealing elements

In order to enable a quick and easy installation of your gauge, you can also find clamps and centering rings within our product range.

Adapters and reduction pieces

For the quick adjustment of vacuum connections, we offer corresponding reduction pieces beside the diverse flange variations of our transducers. The adaption of small flange to diverse thread and hose connection is also easily possible.

Components against deposition

In rough and fine vacuum, different components help to capture deposits, which can be caused for example by oil lubricated vacuum pumps. Angle pieces and spiral tubes have proved successful as vapours condense on their cooler metal surface with protective effect on the vacuum sensors.

Components against contamination and coating

Thyracont developed special metal baffles, constructed to prevent possible coating of the sensor to a large extent. They keep oil molecules from getting into the vacuum chamber. Also seal rings with a fine wire filter can be used in the fine and high vacuum, especially for applications such as sputtering processes/PVD.


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