VD83 Compact Vacuum Meter ● Pirani ● 100 to 5e-4 mbar

 544.00 excl. VAT and transport costs

The versatile VD83 Pirani vacuum meter with data logger and USB interface measures absolute pressure in the fine vacuum range.


Overview VD83 Pirani vacuum meter:

  • Long-lasting: Pirani sensor with durable, elastic helix filament
  • Stable: Measuring values are stable due to optimized temperature compensation
  • Well protected: Integrated metal facing protects the sensor against contamination like oil vapours or solvent vapours
  • Useful: Gas type correction factors for immaculate pressure readings
  • UHV suitable: Suitable for ultra high vacuum applications due to metal sealed stainless steel measuring cell (He leakage rate <5e-10 mbar l / s)

Overview VD8 vacuum meters:

  • Variable: VD8 compact vacuum meters can be used as a portable instrument or for permanent installation in vacuum facilities. The gauges can be operated by a battery or a plugin power supply
  • Data logger: Integrated data logger for up to 2000 measurement values
  • Flexible connection: VD8 vacuum meters can be placed directly into a vacuum chamber, connected to an appliance with their flange or with a suitable adaptor
  • Min/Max memory function: Storage of minimum and maximum pressures achieved during measurement
  • Long battery livetime: Due to cycled measurements, the compact vacuum meter reaches a high battery lifetime; the user can choose between automatic switch off (time adjustable) for battery saving or continuous operation
  • Pressure units: mbar, Torr, hPa
  • Data export: USB interface for easy push button data transfer to PCs, but no PC connection is necessary during measurements
  • VacuGraphTM Software: To visualize, analyze and save measurements on a PC (lite version free of charge)

If you have any questions about the VD83 Pirani vacuum meter or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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