VD800 Compact Vacuum Meters

On the road to the future.

Measuring Range Absolute 2000 to 5e-5 mbar | 1500 to 5e-5 Torr,
Relative -1060 to +1200 mbar | -795 to +900 Torr

Clean design, intuitive menu navigation, large data logger and precise measurement results – with its new VD800 series Thyracont Vacuum Instruments is on the road to the future, consistently concentrating on the users’ needs. 

MODELS: VD800-Base model without sensor | VD810-Piezo | VD850-Piezo/Pirani | All models

  • Large graphic LCD Display
  • 4+1 membrane keypad providing a comfortable, menu-driven operation
  • Bluetooth® LE
  • Data logger for storage of several measurements
  • Continous mode or automatic switch-off
  • USB-C interface for quick data transmission and easy battery charging


The VD800 vacuum meters measure absolute pressure in a large range of 2000 to 5e-5 mbar and additionally relative pressure in the range of -1060 to +1200 mbar. Their big graphic LCD display shows current measurement values and pressure graphs as well as minimum and maximum pressure with the 4+1 membrane keypad providing a comfortable, menu-driven operation. An integrated data logger saves multiple measurement series with their RTC data. With sampling rates from 20 ms to 60 s the instruments are not only of interest for fast vacuum processes but also for long-term monitoring. If required, an alarm function gives an optic or acoustic signal when reaching a defined threshold value.  

Read-out and analysis of measurement values 
The USB-C interface – or optional Bluetooth® LE for wireless data transfer – allows a direct read-out of the measured data and the export of measurement series stored in the data logger. Using the Thyracont VacuGraph™ software, the user is able to comfortably save and analyze the data as well as to start an online measurement.  

Smart solutions 
Intelligent energy management provides for a long battery performance of the VD800. Using a standard power supply users can swiftly charge their VD800 via its USB-C interface. The new modular design allows an easy exchange of contaminated or defective sensor heads by authorized personnel on-site, reducing maintenance time and costs to a minimum.  

Compact, precise, flexible 
The models: The VD800 is to be used with an external Thyracont USB transducer. It is thus ideally suited for applications with reduced space or to read-out numerous permanently installed sensors. The VD810 with a resistant ceramic sensor measures independent on gas type in the rough vacuum range. The Piezo/Pirani combination sensor of the VD850 covers a wide measuring range in rough and fine vacuum with highest precision and accuracy. 

Variably applicable 
The VD800 vacuum meters can be connected to vacuum pumps or plants, linked to external sensors or directly placed into vacuum chambers. Mobile use or permanent installation in vacuum plants – both are possible. The compact VD800 are perfect for service use, quality control and maintenance work or for leakage testing via rising-pressure method. 

vacuum meter with external sensor

Data Sheet
3D models
VD800 vacuum meter
VD810 vacuum meter, Piezo
VD850 vacuum meter, Piezo/Pirani
VD800 brochure compact vacuum meters

Download  of the VacuGraph Software (free Lite-Version)

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