VD8 Vacuum Meters

Precise. Portable. Digital.

Measuring Range 1600 to 5e-4 mbar | 1200 to 5e-4 Torr

Compact digital vacuum gauges with integrated data logger record your process values.
Advanced electronics guarantee precise and reproducible measuring results.

MODELS: VD81-Piezo | VD83-Pirani | VD84-Pirani external | VD85-Piezo/Pirani | All models

  • Data logger for up to 2000 measurement values
  • Operation with power supply unit or battery
  • USB interface for data transmission
  • Leakage rate calculation
  • Continuous operation or automatic switch-off

An all-purpose gauge

The VD8 vacuum gauges can be used as a portable instrument or for permanent installation in vacuum facilities. The vacuum meters can be operated by a battery or a plugin power supply.

Comfortable recording of measurements

All VD8 compact vacuum meters feature an integrated data logger and save the pressure values independent of a PC throughout the measurement.

Precise results

The compact vacuum meters' display shows the exact absolute pressure. Temperature compensated sensors and advanced electronics guarantee precise and reproducible measuring results.

Maximum flexibility

Gauge type VD84 has an external Pirani sensor on a spiral cable. It is ideally suited for installation of the sensor in a position which is difficult to reach. It is also handy when a single instrument is needed for multiple measuring points with permanently installed Pirani sensors.

VacuGraph® Software

VacuGraphTM vacuum software enables an easy visualization and analysis of data. This is especially beneficial in applications where data must be documented e.g. by saving and comparing pump-down characteristics for audits and quality assurance. Practical features like the tool to calculate the leakage rate complete the software.

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