Aufdampfanlage Bte mit Thyracont Vakuumtransmitter

Benefits VCR at a glance

  • Wide measuring range due to combination sensor Piezo / Pirani
  • Suitable for demanding applications with aggressive media due to platinum rhodium filament
  • High accuracy and resolution in rough and fine vacuum

Laser Beam Welding in Vacuum

In the realm of precision welding, Laser Beam Welding in Vacuum stands out for its accuracy and efficiency. The technique is of utmost importance in industries demanding the highest quality joints, such as aerospace, automotive industry, medical technology and many more.

Performing the welding process in a controlled vacuum environment, a high-intensity laser beam melts and joins materials with unparalleled precision. With a minimized heat input, deep and narrow seams are being created.


Vacuum sensors must deal with chamber pressures of up to over 400 bar and in some cases a leakage rate of up to 1e-9 mbar l/s must be guaranteed.

It is also crucial to maintain the correct vacuum level in order to prevent contamination and to achieve strong and reliable welds. The achieved vacuum levels must be reproducible to ensure a consistently high quality. Therefore, the vacuum metrology instruments used need to fulfil highest requirements to accuracy and reliability.

By providing precise control and monitoring, vacuum transducers help reducing the need for rework and ensure faster cycle times. This enhances overall process efficiency and productivity.


The vacuum transducer VCR53E is used for absolute pressure measurements in gaseous media in the range of 1.0e-4 1200 mbar. The robust VCR transducer with a platinum-rhodium filament is suitable for use in many applications. Equipped with a metal sealed piezo/Pirani combination sensor and temperature compensated, it is especially suitable for laser beam welding applications.

The relatively smooth surface of the platinum-rhodium filament reduces deposits of welding fume emissions of other impurities and thus ensures a particularly long service life of the filament. The metal-sealed measuring cell with its robust spiral coil and the stainless-steel flange make the transducer exceptionally durable. This improves process reliability during LBW in vacuum and reduces maintenance costs at the same time.


LaVa-X GmbH is specialized on the laser and electron beam welding of metalic materials and has successfully been working with Thyracont vacuum measurement instruments for years.

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