VGR VacuGraph software for Windows, MacOS and Linux

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Together with Thyracont vacuum gauges, the advanced VacuGraph™ software serves as the ultimate tool to visualize, analyze and save measurements on your PC in an efficient and easy way. VacuGraph is self-explanatory and suited for all Thyracont instruments with either USB, USB-C, RS232, RS485 or Bluetooth interface.
For using the full version one license per PC is necessary. The lite version is free of charge.

→ Overview Lite or Full version

Overview VacuGraph software

  • Saving  of measurements
  • Graphical display and evaluation of measurements
  • Measurement data exportable as CSV files, e. g. for Microsoft Excel
  • Simultaneous communication with a random number of active gauges
  • Convenient leakage calculation: Simply select pressure range with the cursor, enter chamber volume and the leakage rate is automatically calculated
  • Comfortable setting of all parameters of Thyracont measurement gauges (e. g. units, output characteristics, gas type correction factors, switch and switchover points etc.
  • Curve illustration and graph headings are easily changeable e. g. for quality assurance records
  • Firmware Update Assistant: Benefit immediately from newly developed features and update gauge firmware simply yourself
  • Operating systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11, Linux, MacOS

Lite or Full version?

VacuGraph Lite is a freeware with a limited range of features. It is meant for an easy configuration of gauge parameters, firmware updates and providing an overview of features before purchasing a full version licence:


  • Measurements can not be exportet, saved, timed or printed
  • Measurements are limited to 5 minutes
  • Only one live measurement tab/window at once
  • Readout datalogger devices is not allowed

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