Joy in innovation.
Made in Germany.
Expertise and responsiveness.

Our philosophy

THYRACONT – For decades we have set the standards 

Being curious, always questioning previous approaches, and rethinking our ways - joy in innovation and change has been our main driving force for new developments from the very beginning on. In our teams, creative ideas are always welcome and quickly put into practice thanks to flat hierarchies. By that, our products have continuously been setting new standards, resulting in a series of patents.  

THYRACONT – Everyone counts  

Mutual esteem, respect and understanding define our relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees. These principles are the basis for fair, long-term partnerships and the success of our company. 

THYRACONT – Made in Germany since 1970  

We have been developing and manufacturing vacuum metrology in Germany for more than 50 years, basing our work on reliability and high-quality products. 

THYRACONT – We measure nothing, accurately. 

Precision is found throughout our company: in our instruments, our production processes, our quality control, and our order processing. We focus on accuracy and continuous development across all company functions. 

THYRACONT – Expertise and responsiveness 

Manufacturing all our products in-house, we give quick and accurate straight forward responses to your technical queries, questions upon delivery dates or price quotations. All customers’ requests are swiftly processed and changes in requirements are handled flexibly. 

THYRACONT – Sustainably good 

Not only do our instruments contribute to more sustainable future technologies, but also does our company itself continuously optimize its production processes to save valuable resources, e.g., by using recycled materials and renewable energies.

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