Benefits VD84 at a glance

  • Pirani sensor with durable, elastic helix filament
  • External, detachable sensor with stainless steel small flange DN 16 ISO-KF or 1/8" NPT male thread, connected by spiral cable (1.20 m)
  • Integrated metal facing protects the sensor against contamination like oil vapours or solvent vapours

Vacuum Insulation of Liquid Gas Tanks

Vacuum insulation of liquid gas tanks protects the liquified gas from the influence of ambient heat. The vacuum envelope effectively prevents heat conduction between the tank and its environment.


To ensure the functionality of the insulation and to detect leaks in the gas tank or outer shell at an early stage, the vacuum in the insulation jacket is checked regularly. Any problems with the vacuum insulation habors the risk of the contents heating up resulting in a rise in pressure.


Using a VD84 vacuum meter with detachable sensor head VSP841 the insulating vacuum of a gas tank can be checked easily and quickly. Each gas tank is equipped with a separate sensor, which remains fixed at the insulation envelope. The vacuum meter is periodically connected to those sensors to check the vacuum.



Top-ranked companies on the gas market use our mobile vacuum gauges for this and other applications in this field.

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