VacuGraph™ – The ultimate Tool to visualise, analyse and save Process Data

Lean, Stable, Fast

The software was developed for particular use in service, commissioning and quality assurance of vacuum pumps and plants. Given the change of the programme´s base to C++, VacuGraph 11 is lean, very stable and fast.

Benefical improvements

VacuGraph´s new, intuitively operated user interface offers a choice of different languages and a vast number of beneficial and handy improvements. With the help of the firmware upgrade assistant, all newly developed features for all SmartlineTM active gauges of Thyracont Vacuum Instruments can thus always be automatically updated.

VacuGraph 11 is able to communicate simultaneously with any amount of active gauges, VD8 compact vacuum meters or display and control units. At the same time, the user can track measurement data online in real time and read out VD8 data loggers for quality assurance at a later point. In addition, there is the possibility to compare several measurement curves by overlapping them and single parts can be individually scaled. Measurement results can be printed, exported as CSV files and graphs saved as pixel or vector graphics.

Leakage Calculation

The leakage calculation feature can easily determine the application´s tightness. Indicating the recipient volume, the software calculates the leakage rate by means of the rate-of-rise method. In doing so, VacuGraphTM often renders cost intense investments for the purchase of leak detectors unnecessary.

Easy Configuration of Vacuum Gauges

All parameters of Thyracont measurement gauges (e.g. units, data logging rates, gas correction factors, switch points, etc.) are easily configurable with the VacuGraphTM software. Programming skills, as required for the definition of parameters by software command via the instruments´ digital interface, are no longer necessary. In order to provide several devices with identical parameters or to generate backups for cases of emergency or need, individual profiles can be saved and, if required, restored without time-consuming re-configuration. Flexible parametrisation permits easy integration of Thyracont Vacuum Instruments´ active sensors in any existing plant or substitution of present transducers.

VacuGraphTM is compatible with all Thyracont vacuum gauges with digital interface such as USB, Bluetooth® or RS485.

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