VacuGraph™– The ultimum software for vacuum measurement


In combination with the intelligent vacuum gauges of Thyracont Vacuum Instruments, the VacuGraphTM software serves as the ultimate tool to easily visualise, analyse and save measurements. A new version with even more practical features of the software is now available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

To secure quality in the long term, the possibility to record and systematically evaluate measurement results has to be given. VacuGraph enables the user to track measurement data graphically on a PC or tablet.

The feasibility of timed recordings is a new feature of the updated version. Hence, the user is able to define the beginning and end of the measuring cycle himself.

Furthermore, measuring curves can be overlapped for comparison reasons in order to quickly and visually grasp connections. The new software version also has a plotmarker to mark process anomalies and important measurement points.

The user is able to individualise the plots, print the measurement data and save it in different file formats. Therefore, test results are easily accessible at any time. By export as CSV files, data can also be processed by other software solutions.

The number of active gauges, which VacuGraph 11.1 can communicate with is unlimited. The digital Smartline™ vacuum gauges (1200 to 5e-10 mbar) as well as the VD8 compact vacuum meters (1600 to 5e-4 mbar) and vacuum controllers (1, 2 or 4 channels) can be quickly and easily controlled and configured by means of the software.

The vacuum software offers individual device profiles which allows to provide identical parameters for multiple gauges. Moreover, backups for emergencies can be generated. Those device profiles will be saved and transferred if necessary.

With these and many more useful features, the VacuGraph vacuum measurement software is ideally suited for the use in service, commissioning and quality assurance of vacuum pumps or vacuum plants. The securing of measurement data by the software is sustainable and efficient for every user.

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