Thyracont Vacuum Instruments: Partner company at Jugend forscht

For 50 years, Thyracont has developed and produced vacuum metrology in Germany. Quality and precision are particularly relevant for the operation of our vacuum gauges.
Therefore, these values are an important element in all our business divisions.
In order to  further meet high standards in the future and to guarantee the continuous development of our company,  active and longstanding research and development activities are of utmost importance.

Therefore, we have a special interest to support young talents within MINT subjects, encourage their ideas and projects and their enthusiasm in regards to sciences.
For this reason, Thyracont has actively engaged in the regional competition of Jugend forscht Lower Bavaria for more than 20 years by delegating contest jurors, awarding special prices for outstanding performances as well as offering internships for young researchers in our gauge development department.

We are particularly proud to support the regional competition Jugend forscht in Passau as a partner company from 2020 on.
Thus, Thyracont is able to support talents to an even greater extent. We are looking forward to this new, exciting task and future cooperation as a partner company of Jugend forscht.