Jugend forscht regional contests

Jugend forscht Lower Bavaria regional contest

“Mach Dir einen Kopf!” – Get your head around it! is the slogan for the 59th round of the German Jugend forscht contest that started this February.

The Lower Bavaria regional competition will take place on March 7th and 8th. The winners of the regional competitions advance to the contest series at state level. Here they can qualify for the Federal Contest at the end of May.

A total of over 10,000 entries were received from the fields of work environment, biology, chemistry, geo- and space sciences, mathematics and IT, physics, and technology. The young STEM talents will once again present exciting and innovative projects, such as an AI to reduce food waste in the retail sector.

The contests are supported by over 180 sponsoring companies and institutions. In Lower Bavaria the regional event will again be hosted by the official sponsoring companies Micro Epsilon Messtechnik Gmbh & Co. KG, ZF Friedrichshafen AG and Thyracont Vacuum Instruments GmbH.

“The promotion of young talents in the STEM field, their ideas and projects and the associated enthusiasm for science is very important to us,” says Frank P. Salzberger, Managing Director of Thyracont. The company focuses on continuous research and development work and has been actively involved in the regional Jugend forscht Lower Bavaria contest for decades.

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