VD800 Series: Innovative Data Logger

The large graphic display of the VD800 compact vacuum meters, in conjunction with the 4+1 membrane keypad, provides a comfortable, menu-driven operation. Pressure curves during real time measurements are being displayed directly on the display in form of a pressure-time-diagram, whereby chronological presentation and axis options can be defined individually. Depending on the setting, the measured pressure is plotted over time.

Additionally, the devices can be operated for logging pressure curves. The large internal data memory saves more than 10 million measurement values which can be divided over several measurement periods with their RTC data. The separate measurements are each saved as individual files. When used as data logger, storage rate and recording period can be set individually. In addition, it is possible to choose the required data source to be recorded: absolute pressure, relative pressure, or both. By setting the logging rate from 20ms to 1min and the maximum measurement duration, the devices enable both recordings of highly dynamic pressure curves and long-term measurements.

The devices’ USB-C interface allows a simple and fast export of the data. Using the Thyracont software VacuGraph™ the saved data can be read-out, plotted, analyzed, and exported to MS Excel.

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