Teamwork: VD800 and USB-C Transducers 

Our new VD800 compact vacuum meters are the perfect supplement to our USB-C transducers. With their compact construction the latter are ideally suited for applications where space is very limited.

The VSCUSB with piezo sensor measures absolute pressure in a range from 2000 to 1 mbar and relative pressure from -1060 to + 1200 mbar. The VSRUSB with Piezo / Pirani combination sensor has an extended measuring range of 2000 to 5,0e-5 mbar, ensuring high accuracy over the entire measuring range including rough vacuum. Both transducers measure independent of gas type and their fast response times enable shorter clock cycles. Thanks to their USB-C interface the gauges are easily and fast integrable in appliances.

Here, they can be read-out swiftly with the VD800 and its associated 2 m cable, even in hard-to-reach places. Moreover, the sensors can be put into operation while the vacuum process is running which improves monitoring e.g., for service purposes.

Whether one or several gauges – reading out permanently installed USB-C transducers with the new VD800 always enables a precise and quick display of the measured value and guarantees high measurement quality and precision.

An intelligent energy management provides for a long battery performance of the VD800 which can easily be charged via its USB interface. Its big graphic display shows current measurement values and pressure graphs as well as minimum and maximum pressure, all the while providing a comfortable, menu-driven operation.

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