Plug-and-Play Solutions – efficiency and sustainability combined

Plug-and-Play solution

In our research and development department, we are continuously optimizing our processes to find sustainable alternatives and to add positive ecological value to our products.

Many of our gauges have a modular design that makes it easy to replace contaminated or worn sensors. This not only reduces maintenance time and transport costs, but also extends the service life of the individual components. An approach also pursued by the European Commission as part of the European Green Deal.

The Green Deal proposes new regulations to make lifecycles of products on the EU market more environmentally friendly, recyclable and energy efficient. This also includes retrofitting and repairs as well as simplified maintenance in general. A modular design contributes to the principles of this circular economy by optimizing the use of resources and reducing the carbon footprint over the entire product lifecycle.

Products with Plug-and-Play solutions: SmartlineTM und VD800-series

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SmartlineTM Plug-and-Play solution with calibrated exchange sensor heads: