IHK management visits Thyracont Vacuum Instruments

The Chief Executive Officer of the Lower Bavarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce Alexander Schreiner and the Deputy Chief Executive Officer Klaus Jaschke visited Thyracont Vacuum Instruments GmbH.

The IHK representatives used their visit to learn more about current developments at Thyracont and to discuss further approaches to expand their cooperation. “The IHK has already been an important help to us so far, e.g. in the implementation of new regulations and bureaucratic obligations, which are increasingly causing effort,” says Thyracont CEO Frank P. Salzberger. The IHK also advises regional companies in areas such as IT security and protection against hacker attacks. In addition, according to IHK Managing Director Schreiner, the IHK’s Industry Committee can support companies with specific questions and in setting up and expanding networks. In this regard, the IHK also acts as a mouthpiece for politicians – an important aspect in view of overdue reforms in the areas of education, bureaucracy reduction, energy issues and digitalization.

At Thyracont, long-standing customer relationships, high-quality products and promising new developments ensure solid company growth both now and in the future. However, according to Managing Director Heinz Plöchinger, the most valuable success factor is a well-trained workforce – and here the current situation is quite difficult. “Our employees have generally been with us for many years, did their training with us or have been associated with the company since their student days.” But when it comes to the workforce needed for further growth, Thyracont as many other companies faces the shortage of skilled workers, a situation that increasingly causes the company concern. “We are urgently looking for reinforcements in the form of development engineers, physicists, firmware developers and electronics engineers,” says Salzberger, “thus education-related issues such as strengthening MINT subjects and courses of study, as well as facilitating the immigration of skilled workers, are of key importance to us.”

Thyracont sees the Chamber of Industry and Commerce as an important partner in bringing the interests of the regional economy to the attention of politicians.

Originating from a garage company founded by Plöchinger in Mauth, Thyracont has developed into the now only German-based manufacturer offering a complete product range of industrially used vacuum measurement technology. For more than 50 years, intelligent vacuum measurement devices “Made in Germany” have been developed and produced here and supplied to customers in industry and research worldwide. With new technologies and patented product innovations, the company’s vacuum technology makes an important contribution to sustainable future technologies. Renewable energies, electromobility, semiconductors or modern medical technology would be inconceivable without vacuum technology.