Happy 80th birthday, Mr Plöchinger!

We congratulate our founder Mr Plöchinger on his 80th birthday!

Born in Mauth in 1943, Heinz Plöchinger has been intrigued with technology from an early age. His enthusiasm led to various handcrafted objects, e.g., a machine in a sturdy cardboard box or a small VHF transmitter for the neighborhood. After studying electrical engineering in Munich and six years of gaining professional experience as a development and consulting engineer, he founded Thyracont in 1970.

Heinz Plöchinger owns various trademark rights in the field of vacuum measurement and sensors. Apart from the field of measurement technology, the „Ambassador of Lower Bavaria“ engages in circulatory economy and regional development projects. Being an enthusiastic painter himself, he also supports art projects in Passau and the surrounding area.

His 80th birthday not only marks a personal milestone but also provides the opportunity to thank him for his commitment and achievements as well as to pay tribute to his impressive passion for innovation.

Happy 80th birthday, Mr. Plöchinger!