Ecological Footprint


We are delighted to announce that this year we were able to achieve some of our sustainability goals and by that further reduced our ecological footprint.

Our vacuum metrology has made an important contribution to sustainable future technologies in industry and research for more than 50 years. Internally, as well, sustainability is of utmost importance to us. We firmly believe that ecological and social responsibility are crucial to shape a sustainable future worth living.

We therefore constantly strive to optimize existing processes and to find alternatives with a positive added value. To reduce our ecological footprint, this year we completely conversed our company vehicle fleet to electric vehicles and set up e-charging stations that may be used by employee vehicles as well.

Additionally, we conversed our gas heating to an air-source heat pump and doubled the capacity of our photovoltaic system. The latter now covers up to 25% of our electricity consumption.

We are proud of the progress we already made and will continue to look for solutions that will further advance our sustainability efforts.

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