Capacitance Vacuum Transducer VCC200 – For Difficult Applications

Vacuum measurement in processes containing corrosive gases, oil vapor or particulates is often attempted with Pirani or convection-driven Pirani sensors. While such sensors exhibit reasonable accuracy, they will often fail due to process contaminants and require frequent replacement. Piezo-resistive sensors, while less sensitive to process contamination, lack the needed measurement accuracy.

Thyracont Vacuum Instruments VCC200 Capacitance Transducer measures independent of gas composition, is very compact, highly accurate and covers a measurement range from 150 Torr to 0.1 Torr. This advanced technology transducer uses a proprietary ceramic measuring cell that is nearly insensitive to contamination from a broad array of process media. The VCC200 is powered from a 9 to 30 volt DC source and provides a linear 4-20 mA analog output (0-10 volt on request) to a plc. Thyracont offers suitable display and control units for users not wishing to integrate to a plc.

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