Thyracont was awarded to the circle of “authorized economic operators” with the highest award “AEO-F” as one of 30 medium-sized companies in Lower Bavaria (1). In combination with the award of “Authorized Exporter” this means a faster handling in customs matters, as well as shorter lead times in international trade guarantees, benefiting all our international customers in the form of shorter delivery times.

Triggered by the increasing globalization and the changed international security situation one can attain the status of “authorized economic operator” since the year 2008. This award shows reliability, trustworthiness and brings simplifications in the customs clearance with it.

The certificate, recognized also beyond the borders of the European Union, is a high quality feature for companies and is an essential element of the EU security concept. In order to obtain this status, the company had to explain its organizational and process structures. Furthermore, the solvency and creditworthiness, precautions to avoid risks, the organization of export controls and compliance with prescribed safety standards were examined. This was done and verified during an audit by the Principal Customs Office Landshut.

Thyracont worked closely together with the staff of the IHK-Chamber of Passau throughout the certification process.

1 Source: February, Department of Press and Public Relations, Principal Customs Office Landshut