VacuGraph software preview

VacuGraphTM – The ultimate Tool to visualise, analyse and save Process Data

In combination with vacuum gauges of Thyracont Vacuum Instruments, the advanced VacuGraphTM software serves as the ultimate tool to visualise, analyse and save measurements on your PC in an efficient and easy way. As the world´s first standard pc software VacuGraphTM allows for an easy calculation of a leakage rates without the need for elaborate

SLKBT Bluetoothmodule with vacuum transducer

Bluetooth for Vacuum Transducers

The new Bluebridge™ Adapter SLKBT allows for wireless communication of up to 16 Smartline™ vacuum transducers. The Bluetooth® wireless connection reaches up to 100 m (class 1). To this end, the Bluebridge module is plugged on a transducer which is, where required, connected to further transducers with cables in between, forming an RS485 bus. The transducers are subsequently available in the VacuGraph™ Software on a PC with Bluetooth receiver, where they can be easily configured, monitored as well as tele-controlled, and measuring results can be saved for quality assurance in a comfortable way. Alternatively, a programmable logic control (PLC) can be used as Bluetooth master.


Thyracont exhibits on the Conference of the DPG in Regensburg

Visit Thyracont Vacuum Instruments GmbH at the exhibition of physical equipment on booth 109 in the tent at the 80th Annual Conference of the DPG and DPG Spring Meeting.
The conference takes place in Regensburg from 8 to 10 March 2016.

Luca Ponzio, Daniel Itkis, Johannes Konrad mit Heinz Plöchinger, Geschäftsführer Thyracont

Jugend forscht – Regional Youth Research Competition 2016

For many years Thyracont Vacuum Instruments GmbH is sponsor and in person of the general manager Mr Salzberger juror at the regional youth research competition.
Again this year young researchers of the region were decorated for outstanding projects about metrology. The Messrs Luca Ponzio, Daniel Itkis and Johannes Konrad have built a working Fransworth-Hirsch-Fusor with a lot of engagement and personal contribution with regards to mechanics, electronics and simulation software. It fuses Deuterium into He3. The necessary power is supplied by a high voltage field, the proof of reaction is done with the detection of the neutrons produced. This challenging project also received the regional price in the field of physics. We congratulate on their success.


A chameleon in the vacuum

Smartline vacuum transducers can adapt themselves exactly to predominant ambient condi-tions of your vacuum application. Practically speaking: The 0 – 10 V output signal of the transmitters is scalable in accordance with the desired characteristic curve.

This works by means of a simple software command, which is sent via the digital RS485 in-terface of the gauge, and can be implemented at delivery ex works or simply by the user himself. It is therefore possible to scale, for example, the measuring range of a Pirani to 1.5 – 8.5 V, 1 – 9 V or to 2 – 9 V.