Thyracont Smartline Vakuumtransmitter VCP64DL

Heavy duty outside – Smart technology inside: The new addition to the Smartline Family with combination sensor for loadlock applications and fine vacuum

The Smartline family presents itself completely redesigned. Packed in stable, fail-safe full metal housing, they combine modern design with intelligent technology in an elegant way.

As a new member of the family, the vacuum Smartline Transmitter VSR aims at applications in the load lock, analysis technology, coating and process engineering.

The sensor combination of piezoresistive sensor and Pirani filament, used in the VSR, measures from 1200 hPa (900 Torr) to 1e-4 hPa (Torr ) with optimal resolution and high accuracy. Read more


Smart Vacuum Transmitters for Atmospheric Pressure to Ultra High Vacuum

The new Smartline series of vacuum transmitters by Thyracont Vacuum Instruments will be presented at the Hannover Messe 2013. The new devices, which measure from atmospheric pressure to ultra high vacuum, come in a new, sleek design with loads of new options. Through further optimization of the Smartline series, the transmitters offer short response time combined with high resolution and excellent stability.

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Capacitance Vacuum Transducer VCC200 – For Difficult Applications

Vacuum measurement in processes containing corrosive gases, oil vapor or particulates is often attempted with Pirani or convection-driven Pirani sensors. While such sensors exhibit reasonable accuracy, they will often fail due to process contaminants and require frequent replacement. Piezo-resistive sensors, while less sensitive to process contamination, lack the needed measurement accuracy.
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