Quality Assurance

All Thyracont products are developed, manufactured and calibrated in Germany. Sophisticated test procedures assure that the measurement and control instruments meet highest demands in terms of long lifetime, reliability and precision.

For all Thyracont gauges works calibration certificates can be provided. Both certificates are traceable to national DAkkS standards (German National Calibration Laboratory).

DAkkS calibrations are also optionally available.

Long Term Stress Test

qm-longtermtestAlready at an early stage of development and in random test during series production our instruments have to pass a long term stress test, in which the durability of the sensors is proven.

Helium leak testing

qm-leakagetestHelium leak testing of all metal sealed sensors checks that the maximum leak rate does not exceed 5 x 10-10 mbar l/s.


qm-burninTo ensure the highest possible reliability and long term stability, each device is subjected to a 24 hours burn in stress test.

4 point calibration method

qm-endtestEach sensor is provided with individual temperature compensation that is applied using a 4 point calibration method. These calibrations are traceable to national DAkkS standards.

Review according to VDE0411 safety regulations

qm-emvtestA review according to DIN 61010 proves the equipment safety of our vacuum indication and control units.