Chinese space travel and calibration institute chooses Thyracont Vacuum Instruments as their partner

The Chinese space travel pursues ambitious goals which are largely unnoticed in our part of the world.

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Protection of vacuum sensors in critical applications

Especially in harsh industrial environments vacuum metrology often has to cope with contamination such as oil and solvents making vacuum measurements a tough task.

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Smartline™ – New Pirani (VCP) with platinum rhodium filament for particularly demanding application conditions in a vacuum

Thyracont Vacuum Instruments complements the well-proven Smartline product family with a new Pirani sensor VCP for the measurement of absolute pressure in the range of 1000 to 5 x 10-4 mbar. Read more

Compact 4 Channel Vacuum Controller

The new Vacuum Display and Control Unit VD14 with four measuring channels from Thyracont Vacuum Instruments is going to be available from February 2018.
The VD14 features a large graphic LCD display with background illumination in a very compact 19“ metal housing. A very comfortable operation is offered by a menu-driven operator guidance. The status of the four available relay switches is apparent in the display. These relay switches can be assigned to any of the four channels and can be linked to different switching modes e.g. relay one switches to channel three at measuring range underflow.
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Support for Children

This year again Thyracont Vacuum Instruments GmbH is pleased to support several associations with a donation:

Merry Christmas as well as healthiness and satisfaction for the New Year!

Picture: “Full steam ahead”, series Christmas Pictures, Heinz Plöchinger