Our history

VCP63 Pirani vacuum transducer with Platinum / Rhodium filament is introduced

Smartline vacuum transducers with EtherCAT interface

The VSR combination transducer (Piezo / Pirani) for the range of 1200 mbar to 1e-4 mbar is launched

The new generation of Smartline vacuum transducers for rough to ultra high vacuum is launched

Thyracont reached the highest category possible for an SME according to BASEL II, rated by its principal bank. A credit rating of “Very good“ – equivalent to “A+“ (Standard & Poor’s) and “A1“ (Moody’s) equals an increase of 3 levels, compared to the last rating in 2007 (“1A-“, DSGV Standards)

VCC200 capacitance vacuum transducer is presented

We celebrated 40 years Thyracont

Production manager Egon Hasenöhrl: 30 years at Thyracont

Smartline: Combination transmitters are available with exchangeable sensor heads

VD8 compact vacuum meters are launched in a modern design and with new functionalities like a data logger functionality and a USB interface

Vacuum display and control unit VD10: Up to 4 vacuum transmitters of the Smartline can be connected, 8 switching points

Patent DE102004040003 for a new inclination and acceleration sensor according to thermodynamic principle is granted. The measurement of the acceleration is based on the change of power consumption in order to hold a steady convection zone

THYRACONT receives the rating mark 1A- according to Basel II

Patent DE102005029114 is granted; it describes a process to reduce measurement errors of combination vacuum transmitters due to optimized value harmonization

„Smartline“™: Innovative durable combination vacuum transmitters with impulse Pirani, with analogue and digital output, very low power consumption, arouses great interest amongst experts

THYRACONT receives ATEX certification; A compact vacuum meter with ATEX certificate is presented: VD82EX

Patent DE 19860500 is granted and is a basis for the development project “vacuum measurement with reduced dependency on gas type"

Innovation Development of miniature magnetron for high vacuum measurement

DE 19903010 for Pirani pressure measurement setup and combination sensors are granted

EP 0818223 is granted, this process and appliance patent is the basis for the innovative, continuous vacuum controller DC1S VacuFox. This box contains steady valves vor vacuum and aeration and the necessory sensor and electronics for Plug and Play. It is used in rotary evaporators, distillation columns, centralized vacuum systems

US 6,675,656 is granted, a capacitive pressure sensor

Innovation: Continuous vacuum control system VD9CV with proportional valves for vacuum and venting (without switching noise). Vacuum can be controlled according to a defined profile

EP1409963 and DE10115715 are granted: Sensor and process patent are the basis for the impulse Pirani VSP62 (Wikipedia - gepulster Pirani-Transmitter) where measurement of a gasses heat conductance is attributed to time and frequency changes. This new development arouses great interest amongst experts.

Mr. Plöchinger receives the R & D 100 award in Chicago for an inclination and acceleration sensor

Europe patent EP1071934 is granted, basis for the development of capacitive pressure sensors

A sensor concept of Mr Plöchinger is awarded with the 1. AMA-innovation award and is product of the year of the journal „Elektronik“

Combination transmitters with digital interface

Development of ultra high vacuum transmitters

Transmitter and digital compact vacuum meter for thermocouple gauge heads

Innovation: Distillation controller DC1P with programmable pressure ramps

Compact vacuum controller for panel mounting (DIN 96/48) with switch points; for laboratory furnaces, centralized vacuum sources etc.

New Thyracont building located in Passau, Max-Emanuel-Str. 10, Germany

Innovation: Vacuum measurement and control unit VD7, with a combination sensor for the whole range from 1400 mbar to 0.001 mbar

Innovation: Development and presentation of first combination sensor for fine and rough vacuum, with continuous transition of the output signals (Symposium Mikrosystemtechnik Regensburg 1993, later Achema Frankfurt)

Innovation: Battery operated compact vacuum meter VD85 for fine and rough vacuum

Innovation: First digital vacuum controller for solvent recovery “Environmental protection that pays off”

Innovation: Digital vacuum controller VD2S2 with two set points

Eutectic monitor: Device for determination of the eutectic temperature in lyophilization applications

Innovation: Micro processor controlled program controller PGR for regulation of vacuum and temperature profiles and pressure increase measurement

Innovation: Distillation controller for rotary evaporators, analog adjustment

Innovation: Piezo resistive silicon sensors for measuring absolute pressure in the rough vacuum range

Innovation: Combination controller CTV2 for vacuum and temperature

Own company building in Passau, Germany

Vacuum gauge VSP122 with small flange; controlled version with constant filament temperature

Special vacuum controller for freeze drying applications

Participation on exhibitions like Achema, Hannover Messe, VaQum, Sensor + Test

Producing the first invoice

Suitable measurement bridge for Pirani sensors

Established by Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Plöchinger, after graduation of his studies of electronic engineering in Munich and six years practical experience as development and advisory engineer

Innovation: Helix filament in the first Thyracont Pirani sensor VSP-21

Base for the company name: Thyristor-Controller"

The first “factory”: A car garage, located at Mauth, Bavarian Forest, hometown of Heinz Plöchinger