VSRUSB – Compact Vacuum Transducer with Piezo / Pirani Sensor and USB

A new type of combi-transducer with USB connection complements the product portfolio of Thyracont Vacuum Instruments. 

High accuracies and wide measuring ranges have become standard at Thyracont. Now a vacuum transducer with a brand-new special feature in the form of a USB-C connection has been developed. This communication interface increases flexibility and enables quick and easy interconnection to other portable devices via USB-C. Such compatibility allows a plug & play connection to all common computers or Android smartphones in order to display the measured vacuum precisely and quickly during process monitoring. There is no need for a separate power supply, as the reduced power consumption of the device is covered by all standard computers and smartphones.  

The exact digital readjustment to atmospheric or zero pressure, as well as many other functions which support the monitoring, can be carried out intuitively using our VacuGraphTM software, which is available for various operating systems. In addition, the software is supplemented by the Android app VacuSniff to support visualization of measurements on smartphones and tablets.  

The combination of mobile devices and USB-C allows to put sensors into operation while the vacuum process is running and can this way upgrade the process with improved monitoring. 


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