VSR – Compact Vacuum Transducer with Piezo and Pirani Sensor

From April a new combination transducer complements the Analogline product family, which consists of compact vacuum transducers with an analog output signal. 

The new VSR combines a Piezo and a Pirani sensor. This combination does not only extend the measuring range to 2000 – 5e-5 mbar, but also achieves a high level of accuracy over the entire measuring range, including also rough vacuum. Above 15 mbar the measurement is independent of the gas type. The short response time of maximum 18 ms and the excellent stability in the rough and fine vacuum enable stable, short-cycle and thus efficient production processes. With its metal-sealed sensor, the VSR is also suitable for use in ultra-high vacuum. 

The Analogline product family includes transducers with Piezo, Pirani, capacitive or combination sensors. The linear or logarithmic output signal of the transducer (optional 4-20 mA or 0-10 V) can simply be processed with the help of a system control (PLC). 1- or 2-channel controllers are also available. Exact, digital readjustment to atmospheric or zero pressure can be conveniently carried out by using a button directly on the transmitter, if required. Thtransducer automatically recognizes which adjustment point is involved. 

Thanks to the robust metal housing and the connectors with protection class IP54 (4-20 mA transmitter) or IP40 (0-10 V transmitter), the transmitters are ideally suited for harsh industrial environments. 

A service with the test certificate 3.1 for an extra high pressure resistance of 16 bar absolute is available for the Piranis. 

The VSR with a 0-10V output signal will be available from mid-April. The version with 4-20 mA output signal will be available mid-year. 

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