VD8ZUB – Useful accessory set for VD8 compact vacuum meters

Thyracont´s versatile VD8 vacuum gauges measure absolute pressure in the range of 1600 – 5×10-4 mbar and are known to be reliable testing tools in the fields of industry, research and service. There is a great variety of useful accessories for you to benefit from the full functionality of these mobile vacuum gauges. The most popular of these are now available as a practically compiled set VD8ZUB for a favorable package price.

A USB cable for the connection to a PC, a license for the available VacuGraphTM Windows Software to record and analyze measurement data as well as a 9V replacement battery are included in a compact protective case with foam protection which also provides room for the vacuum gauge itself. The data logger function of the vacuum gauges, which can save 2,000 measurements internally, can thus be used optimally and in a remarkably easy way. With the help of the software, saved measurements in the data logger can be transferred to a PC or recorded and tracked on the PC, in real time during the measurement. An export function facilitates the transmission and analysis of the data in MS Office programs like Excel, for example to create quality reports. The VacuGraphTM software also offers a simple feature to calculate the leakage rate of a vacuum chamber, simply by measuring the pressure rise.

In addition to that, the case contains a far range power supply pack which can be used worldwide and be equipped with country-specific changeable power plugs. Thus, long-term measurements are possible independent of the battery status of the vacuum gauge.

Besides the products which are included in this set, Thyracont offers further interesting accessories particularly flanges and fittings, connectors and adaptors for the gauges to be mounted and installed on-site. Specific components such as centering rings with baffles, wire or sinter filters protect the sensors of the vacuum gauges from pollution in particularly critical applications and thereby increase their lifetime.

The compact vacuum gauges of the VD8 series are for example used in the service, maintenance and the commissioning process of vacuum pumps and vacuum systems, in leak testing, in the documentation and quality assurance of production processes or in the surveillance of containers with vacuum insulation.

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