Vacuum transducer with USB-C interface suited for laboratory and test facilities

Thyracont Vacuum Instruments expands its range of USB transducers with model VSC43USB. This compact transducer with a chemical resistant ceramic sensor and FKM sealing is largely resistant to dirt and therefore also suited for rough industrial processes.

The VSC43USB measures independent of gas type and offers an extended measuring range from 2000 down to 1 mbar (absolute pressure) as well as from -1060 to +1200 mbar (relative pressure), qualifying for a broad field of applications. Displaying precise results right away and without any warm-up period along with having a short response time of maximum 20 ms, the robust ceramic sensor contributes to efficient production processes.

The USB interface increases flexibility and enables quick and easy interconnection to portable devices. This allows a plug & play connection to all common computers or Android smartphones to display the measured vacuum precisely and quickly during process monitoring. A separate power supply is unnecessary as the reduced power consumption of the device enables a direct operation via USB-C interface. This simplifies the analysis of data on-site or in test facilities.

The exact digital readjustment to atmospheric or zero pressure, as well as many other functions can be carried out intuitively using our VacuGraphTM software, which is available for various operating systems. In addition, the software is supplemented by the Android app VacuSniff to support visualization of measurements on smartphones and tablets.

The combination of mobile devices and USB-C allows to put sensors into operation while the vacuum process is running and by that improves monitoring e.g., for service purposes.

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