Vacuum Transducer for Space Simulation of Tel Aviv University

The Thyracont vacuum transducer VSM77DL, a combination of Pirani and cold cathode with integrated display was used in the space simulation chamber of  the Tel Aviv University in order to control the high vacuum achived.

The space simulation chamber was built to test the new TAU-SAT1 nano satellite under space conditions. In TAU-SAT1 a SMP (Shape Memory Polymer) is used to move out antennas or solar panels. After the satellite was released into the space it is activated and able to change its shape. This mechanism avoids using big and heavy mechanical actuators in nano-satellites. TAU-SAT1 has a weigth of only 2.5 kg and dimensions of a milk carton.

The Tel Aviv University plans a space revolution. So far space research was reserved for large companies. The idea is that any researcher and any student will be able to plan and launch experiments into space in the future – even without being an expert in the field.

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Image: Tel Aviv University, source:, (1:54 m)