Vacuum technology in cancer research

Medikamente gegen Krebs

To improve therapies for cancer patients, scientists are continously working on the research and development of new cancer drugs and treatment methods. The Cancer Therapeutics Unit at the Institute of Cancer Research, London, uses Thyracont’s technology in its drug discovery programmes.

An essential part of their preparation process for potential new drug compounds is freeze drying or evaporation. With dried compounds, the chemical and physical properties of the active ingredient remain unchanged and relatively stable for a long time, simplifying transport and storage. To ensure consistent quality of produced compounds, their purity is assessed by mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy post drying.

Depending on the task, the compact vacuum gauges VD83 with Pirani sensor or VD85 with a combined piezo/Pirani sensor are used. One, the units monitor vacuum on RV pumps used in the evaporation and drying applications. Second, the gauges are used to ensure that turbopumps for post drying are only put into operation when reaching fine vacuum of e-3 mbar to improve the lifespan of the senstitive instruments and to extend maintenance intervals.

The compact digital VD8 vacuum gauges are availbale with various sensor types and thus versatile for industry and laboratory process monitoring and quality control. Their displays allow permanent control of the running process while an integrated data logger and Thyracont’s VacuGraph software enable an easy documentation of all data. The vacuum meters can be operated by battery or a plugin power supply and can thus be used as portable instruments as well as for permanent installation.

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