Vacuum components protecting against contamination

Thyracont offers a wide variety of vacuum components to protect vacuum metrology against contamination, ensuring a longer lifespan.

Besides robust sensors, a proper plant engineering is essential to ensure a long lifespan of measuring instruments, especially in rough industrial environments.

In rough and fine vacuum, different components help to capture deposits, which can be caused for example by oil lubricated vacuum pumps. Angle pieces and spiral tubes have proved successful as vapours condense on their cooler metal surface with protective effect on the vacuum gauges.

Another option are seal rings with a fine wire filter. They should be checked regularly for contamination and be cleaned or replaced, if necessary, in order to prevent the occurrence of a pressure gradient influencing the measurement values.

A special metal baffle, developed by Thyracont, is constructed to prevent possible coating of the sensor to a large extent. The ideal choice for coating processes in fine and high vacuum and for applications such as sputtering and PVD processes.

Seal rings and baffles are particularly popular as cost-efficient solutions, as they do neither impact required space nor mounting position.

The correct use of the right vacuum gauges and corresponding protective measures contribute to a considerably enhanced operation lifespan, which in turn minimizes maintenance efforts and downtimes.

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