VSI Vacuum Transducer ● Profinet ● Cold Cathode ● 2e-3 to 5e-9 mbar

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The digital vacuum transducer VSI with cold cathode sensor measures absolute pressure in the high vacuum range.

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 16 × 9 cm
Measurement principle

Gas dependency

depending on gas type

Measurement range mbar

Measurement range Torr

1.5e-3 – 5e-9 Torr

max. overload

10 bar abs., 16 bar abs. with CERT31P

max. overload with CERT31P

up to 16 bar abs.


2e-3 – 2e-8 mbar: 25 % f. r.

Materials in contact with vacuum

Edelstahl 1.4307, tungsten, nickel, glass, molybdenum, Al₂O₃ ceramic

Filaments / anodes


anode voltage

< 2.5 kV

Response time

50 ms (switch-on cold cathode

Operating temperature

+5…+50°C (Profinet)

Storage temperature

-40…+65 °C

Bake out temperature

Voltage supply

20 – 30 VDC

Power consumption

Max. 2,5 W, add. 0,8 W f. EtherCAT/ Relais/ LCD, add. 1.6 W f. Profinet

Serial interface

Electrical connection

Article Number (choice of vacuum connection):

, ,


139 x 69 x 48 mm (VSI17)

Protection class

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