VSI Vacuum Transducer ● Cold Cathode ● 2e-3 to 5e-9 mbar ● digital

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The digital cold cathode vacuum gauge VSI measures absolute pressure in the high vacuum range.

Discontinued. Can be ordered until 30th September 2023, afterwards as long as stocks last.


The digital combination transducer VSI (cold cathode) measures absolute pressure from atmospheric pressure to ultrahigh vacuum.

Overview Smartline vacuum transducers:

  • Variety of interfaces: Digital RS485 interfaces plus 0-10 V output signal, EtherCAT or Profinet. The Bluetooth adapter SLKBT enables wireless communication
  • Industry 4.0: All Smartline transducers offer a series of parameters for preventive maintenance. PROFINET transducers are able to communicate with OPC UA servers and support MRP
  • Exchangeable sensor heads: Is an easy job, independent of the gauge manufacturer and without programming effort. If the existing cables shall further be used, suitable adapters (e. g. FCC68) will be available.
  • Optional display: Large LCD display (exc. EtherCAT, Profinet)
  • Easy adjustment: Readjustment of zero and atmosphere by push-button or interface
  • LEDs: For device status and switch points
  • Scaleable output characteristics: The 0-10 V output signal can be scaled according to the required output characteristics. Thus an exchange of existing vacuum gauges is easily, independent of the manufacturer and without programming effort possible. If the cable needs to remain but the transducer should be changed adapters (e. g. FCC68) are available.
  • UHV suitable: Metal sealed stainless steel sensor cell,suitable for UHV applications (He leackage rate <5e-10 mbar l / s)
  • Relay switch points: Two independent, potentialfree relay switch points (exc. EtherCAT, Profinet)
  • Robust: Resistant, EMC compatible metal housing, protection class up to IP54
  • Controller: Expansion with 2 channel controller VD12 or 4 channel controler VD14 possible
  • VacuGraphTM Windows software: For visualisation, analysis and storage of measuring data

Overview VSI cold cathode vacuum gauge:

  • Wide measuring range: Wide range combi sensor cold cathode
  • Long-living: Automatic control of the cold cathode by the Pirani, switch-on of cold cathode at low pressure increases lifetime, insensitive against inrush of air
  • Reliable: Excellent ignition behavior
  • Low stray magnetic field
  • Overpressure stable: Overpressure stability up to 16 bar

Do you have questions regarding our VSI vacuum transducers with cold cathode sensor? We will be pleased to assist.

Attention: If the Smartline transducer is used without PLC, an SLN4 power supply will be required.

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