VD810 Compact Vacuum Meter ● Piezo ● 2000 to 1 mbar / -1060 to +1200 mbar

 494.00 544.00 excl. VAT and transport costs

The versatile VD810 digital vacuum meter with data logger and USB interface measures absolute and relative pressure in the rough vacuum range with a resistant Piezo sensor.

Delivery time: July 2024

Overview VD800 series:

  • Big graphic display
  • Intuitive menu-driven handling
  • Direct graphical visualization of pressure curves
  • Integrated data logger for saving multiple measurement series with RTC data
  • Storage of minimum and maximum pressures achieved during measurement
  • Automatic switch-off or continuous operation
  • Optical and acoustical alarm when reaching a predefined threshold
  • Charging per standard USB-C cable
  • Quick and easy data-transfer to PC, tablet, or smartphone via USB-C or wireless via Bluetooth® LE (optional)
  • Pressure units: mbar, Torr, hPa
  • Selectable menu language
  • Adjustable logging rate of 20 ms to 60 s for fast processes
  • VacuGraphTM-Software: To read-out data logger, and to visualize, analyze, and save measurements

Overview VD810 vacuum meter:

  • Chemically resistant ceramic sensor with FKM sealing, suitable for rough industry environment
  • Measurement of absolute and relative pressure
  • Gas-type independent measurement
  • Insensitive against contamination
  • Long battery life / performance of approx. 1000 hours

If you have any questions about the VD810 Piezo vacuum meter or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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