Networking Days 2019 – Thyracont´s distributors in Passau

For nearly 50 years, Thyracont has developed and produced intelligent vacuum metrology in Germany. Quality and precision are not only vital for our vacuum gauges, but also vital part of each of our business fields.
The brand Thyracont is gaining more and more international awareness, not least thanks to a global network of distributors. When it comes to the choice of sales partners, competence in the field of vacuum technologies plays a major roll. For Thyracont it is just as crucial that distributors share a philosophy of putting the customer first for the client to always experience expertise and responsiveness. In doing so it is important for us that our distributors receive regular trainings and that we keep steady contact with each other.

For this reason, the so-called Networking Days were held on February 18 – 19. We were pleased to welcome 23 participants from 13 countries in Passau. The Networking Days were meant to strengthen the distributor network. The Networking Days has given strong impulses for future exchange of information, knowledge and experience and has even given rise to new business relationships. The presence of both – new and long-standing partners – was of great value for all of us.
We´d like to thank all of the participants and look forward to future events of this kind.

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