Thyracont Vacuum Sensors for your Heat Treatment Application

Analogline vacuum transducers are for the range of 1400 to 1 x 10–4 mbar and known for their remarkably high robustness, which has been verified in various challenging process industry applications. Furthermore, their excellent precision as well as temperature (up to 160°C) and overpressure stability (up to 10 bar) make them the most suitable gauges for your heat treatment process.
The well-proven Smartline transducers cover the range of 1200 to 5 x 10–10 mbar and can adapt themselves to your individual requirements. Scaling the output signal to the required characteristics for example, makes the exchange of existing gauges easily possible and renders further programming efforts unnecessary. The transducers are optionally available with an integrated display for comfortable appliance control on-site. A customer-friendly spare part concept with calibrated sensor heads enables users to exchange sensor heads themselves in a fast and easy way, reducing maintenance times and costs to an optimum. Further highlights which qualify Smartline transducers for heat treatment processes are their robustness against dust, against high temperatures (160°C without detaching electronics) and their particularly high overpressure limits of up to 10 bar.

VD8 compact vacuum meters measure absolute pressure in the range of 1600 – 5×10-4 mbar and can be used with a power supply for long-term measurements or with a battery for mobile use. VD8 gauges are perfectly suited to ease and improve maintenance, service and quality management in different vacuum applications. They have a data logger function which can save 2,000 measurements internally. Thyracont also offers a tailor-made vacuum measurement software, VacuGraphTM, for all of its active gauges. Individual gauge parameter settings are made in no time and with least effort. It is the ideal tool to visualize, analyze and manage process data of your heat treatment application.