Girls‘ Day at Thyracont Vacuum Instruments – promoting equal opportunities in the working world

Thyracont Girls' Day - The girls show skill with the soldering iron

True to the motto “Jetzt kommst du!” – It’s your turn, five young female participants ventured into measuring “nothing” at Thyracont on April 25th.

“It is inspiring to see how young people discover their interest in technical professions and develop their skills,” says Managing Director Frank P. Salzberger. “We firmly believe that diversity and inclusion in the technology industry offer great advantages for developing new solutions and shaping an innovative future.”

The idea

The idea of Girls’ Day is very simple: inspire girls to get a taste of professions that are still dominated by men. At Thyracont, this meant trying out the job as an electronics technician for devices and systems.

After an introduction to vacuum metrology and a tour through the company, the participants were given the opportunity to work with a soldering iron themselves.

Under the guidance of Lara Lichtenberg, who herself trained as an electronics technician for devices and systems at Thyracont, the girls were able to gain and deepen their practical experience by assembling a heart-shaped circuit board. The finished heart, which flashes at an adjustable frequency, was of course taken home as a souvenir.

A successful day

The feedback at the end of Girls’ Day was very positive. “I found it interesting to get to know the field of electronics a little better. It was a great experience,” says one of the participants, who can also imagine working in this field later on.

Girls’ Day not only gave the participants the opportunity to explore their technical skills but was also a chance for our company to nurture future talent. “Going forward, we hope to encourage more girls to find their way into technical careers and by that help to shape our world of tomorrow,” said Frank P. Salzberger.

About Thyracont

As an internationally successful, medium-sized company, we have been producing intelligent, innovative vacuum measurement technology for more than 50 years. Our devices make an important contribution to sustainable future technologies in industry and research. Renewable energy, electromobility and modern medical technology would be inconceivable without vacuum technology.

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