New Patent Granted

Patent 10 2005 008 959 “Drucksensoren und Kombinations-Drucksensoren und deren Verwendung” (pressure sensors and combination pressure sensors and their application) was granted. With this patent sensors for pressure and vacuum which basically consist of two diaphragms, which move toward another and are separated through a fitted frame structure were protected for Thyracont.

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Best possible rating according to Basel II

The word “rating” nowadays has the potential to raise one’s hackles – this is not the case for Thyracont Vacuum Instruments GmbH. Thyracont reached the highest category possible for an SME according to BASEL II, rated by its principal bank. A credit rating of “Very good“ – equivalent to “A+“ (Standard & Poor’s) and “A1“ (Moody’s) equals an increase of ...

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Capacitance Vacuum Transducer VCC200 – For Difficult Applications

Vacuum measurement in processes containing corrosive gases, oil vapor or particulates is often attempted with Pirani or convection-driven Pirani sensors. While such sensors exhibit reasonable accuracy, they will often fail due to process contaminants and require frequent replacement. Piezo-resistive sensors, while less sensitive to process contamination, lack the needed measurement accuracy.

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