Application Example: Repair and Maintenance of Vacuum Pumps

Service Vakuumpumpe

Our long-standing customer Vakuumtec has been doing fast and high-quality repairs of vacuum pumps from all manufacturers since 2011.

Range of Services

Their wide range of services covers the entire spectrum of the vacuum world, from general overhauls and preventive maintenance at the customer’s premises to trading new and used pumps. For in-house tests after a pump overhaul as well as for field service works, Vakuumtec has been relying on Thyracont vacuum metrology for years.

Use of Thyracont measurement technology

Vacuumtec uses the Thyracont VSP63DL and VSM77DL vacuum transducers of the SmartlineTM series for checking and final testing the pumps as well as the VD85 handheld vacuum meter for field services. The digital SmartlineTM vacuum transducers are characterized by their particularly efficient micro-controllers and cover various pressure ranges from fine to high vacuum with utmost precision. The transducers are thereby able to map the complete pressure curve from atmosphere to ultimate vacuum. Thanks to the optional display, the current measurement values can easily be checked directly on the transducers.


With the help of the VacuGraphTM software, Vakuumtec can operate several transducers at the same time. By that, the measured values of several pumps can conveniently and simultaneously be displayed, analyzed and saved on a PC or tablet. This data is then used to create a comprehensive audit report for each pump, documenting and visualizing the performed service work for the customer.

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