Easily replaced: Compatibility of Thyracont gauges to competitor products

Vacuum transducers of diverse manufacturers can now be replaced without great efforts with Thyracont solutions which are compatible to those of various competitors. Therefore, the user is no longer bound to a manufacturer even with regard to existing facilities.

Especially two criteria are valid for a physically and functionally smooth exchange: the compatibility of the connection ensures that the used cables can be maintained. Changes in the system programming are not necessary due to identical output characteristics.

The digital transducers of the Smartline™ series measure from 1200 to 5e-10 mbar and have a RS485 interface as well as an anolog 0-10 V output signal. The adaption to the needed output characteristics of the corresponding competitor gauge or to individual customer demands will be made as a free of charge service. The user is even able to adapt the output characteristics within the gauge configuration himself only with a few clicks or choose between more than 90 predefined characteristic curves of competitor gauges with the free lite version of our VacuGraph® software for Windows.
Corresponding mating plugs provide the physical compatibility of the Smartline transducers.

If the standard RS485 interface of the transducers is being used, the user profits from a number of other functions like the digital adjustment to zero and atmosphere, two relay switching points or the possibility to determine the switching range of the combination gauges himself. Furthermore, the transducers are also available with a LCD display and can be connected to the 2 or 4 channel controllers of Thyracont. The manufacturer alternatively offers further interface variations like Profinet or EtherCat as well as different adapters to Bluetooth or USB.

The robust transducers of the Analogline product family measure from 1400 to 1e-4 mbar. Customers can choose between different connections and output signals as standard. The Pirani (1000 – 1e-4 mbar) is for example available with Hirschmann or FCC68 connection, the similar gauge with 4-20 mA output signal is available with a screwable M12 connection.

The fast and easy replacement at an identical or superior process quality does not only qualify Thyracont vacuum gauges for new projects but also for existing systems. A comparison can be worth the effort.