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Sales & Marketing

Kathrin Wiredu

Kathrin Wiredu

Phone: +49(0)851 95986 17

Sales & Marketing

Tanja Feicht

Tanja Saller

Phone: +49(0)851 95986 13

Order Processing, Export Coordinator

Veronika Wallner

Veronika Wallner

Phone: +49(0)851 95986 0

Order Processing

Carina Mattes

Carina Müller

Phone: +49(0)851 95986 15

Application Engineer

Georg Sickinger

Dipl.-Ing Georg Sickinger

Material Procurement

Erich Behringer

Development Manager, QA

Peter Gerlesberger

Dipl.-Ing Peter Gerlesberger

Manufacturing Manager

Egon Hasenoehrl

General foreman Egon Hasenöhrl, Authorized Signatory

General Manager

Frank Salzberger

Dipl.-Phys. Frank P. Salzberger

General Manager

Heinz Ploechinger

Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Plöchinger

Ambassador of Lower Bavaria