Easily replaced: Compatibility of Thyracont gauges to competitor products

Vacuum transducers of diverse manufacturers can now be replaced without great efforts with Thyracont solutions which are compatible to those of various competitors. Therefore, the user is no longer bound to a manufacturer even with regard to existing facilities.

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Thyracont Smartline™ now also available with Profinet!

As a pioneer in the field of vacuum metrology, Thyracont Vacuum Instruments extends its well-proven product family Smartline by a further digital interface of cutting-edge technology.

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Chinese space travel and calibration institute chooses Thyracont Vacuum Instruments as their partner

The Chinese space travel pursues ambitious goals which are largely unnoticed in our part of the world.

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Protection of vacuum sensors in critical applications

Especially in harsh industrial environments vacuum metrology often has to cope with contamination such as oil and solvents making vacuum measurements a tough task.

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Smartline™ – New Pirani (VCP) with platinum rhodium filament for particularly demanding application conditions in a vacuum

Thyracont Vacuum Instruments complements the well-proven Smartline product family with a new Pirani sensor VCP for the measurement of absolute pressure in the range of 1000 to 5 x 10-4 mbar. Read more